Our Impact

Training Program

The “Hatua” Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET) program created by UZURI K&Y using Edtech to transfer practical skills to the youth in Rwanda.

Since 2013, UZURI K&Y partnered with the German organisation Senior Expert Services to successfully test the concept of providing training services by an experienced expert from the shoe making industry. In addition to this, in 2017 and 2018 more people graduated from the training after partnering with the Work Development Authority (WDA) through their National Employment Program (NEP) in Rwanda. During this program new technologies are introduced by the experts, thereby increasing the number of skilled technicians in the local shoe industry. Furthermore, the program will add value for small shoe manufacturers by increasing the level of skills for their existing employees and new skilled labour on the market.

So far, over a 1000 people have been trained of which 70% are women, they were impacted through skills and employment. The core purpose of introducing our training program that targets young people and women in our community; is that we believe that practical knowledge increases their chances for real life jobs or even micro business creations that bring daily income and hence improving the lifestyle of families. This program has birthed 10 businesses created by graduates. Finally, through Hatua 100s of pairs of shoes, made, are donated to less privileged children in Rwanda.


People Trained




Business Created

Shoes Donation

We believe in bringing a little bit of change to our own communities with one shoe at a time. At least 150 pairs of shoes every year are donated to less privileged children from Gahanga area schools. Our production facility recently donated 150 pairs of shoes and masks to children in 2021 quarter


Donated shoes

Our Future

The manufacturing industry is rapidly evolving and it now highly involves the use of new technologies, changes in the customer's demand, and trends. Today the customer’s personalization requests are very important to our manufacturing processes.

UZURI K&Y tightly focuses on playing a big role in satisfying those demands, and also influences the uses and creation of digital tools to successfully navigate the new manufacturing dynamics.

Through documenting processes, writing down steps taken during every successful result achieved. We wish to groom young people with ambitions, experience and passion to lead the company in the future.


People impacted


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Business owners


Old tyres recycled