"Changing lives with one shoe at a time"

Why We’re Here

UZURI K&Y exists to solve global challenges. We are tackling the United Nations' goal No 13 of climate action by preserving our environment through recycling of wastes. We are also touching on goal No 4 & 5 of Quality education by equipping the youth with technical skills where at least 70% of graduates are made of women.

We believe that women have the ability to lead, work in different industries and deliver competitive results. We are working every day to create a space for women so that they can feel empowered, work without harm, while also taking care of their families.

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How we ensure sustainability and support communities at the local level.

1. Environment

By removing car tires from landfills we are creating space for people from vulnerable neighborhoods to live with one less harmful trait and we are crafting viable solutions to recycle old car tires into functional eco-footwear for a niche. These tires are processed from our facility, given a new life cycle and fashioned to become durable, soft, outsoles of eco footwear.

2. Supporting Communities

By offering authentic eco-friendly footwear on the market we intend that it fulfills our customers with happiness and Joy. We believe that shoes donated to children from the less privileged families and the program offered to women also brings a sense of relief and changes that brings joy to their lives and those of their families.

3. Creating Jobs

Job creation in our community is at the heart of the organization. We partner with TVET institutions to equip the youth with technical and soft skills at a very affordable fee. We carry out these training sessions from our production facility and now using edtech. So far many of the youth and women who have been trained ,have already created small businesses.

Our Impact

We increase people's chances to real life jobs or even micro business creations that bring daily income.




People impacted through employment opportunities


Business owners


Old tyres recycled

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